Guest Name, Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg
retired school-teacher

Self-sufficiency VERSUS top-down Authority.

Every single political >fight< is contained in that conflict.  Every single one.

Examples of "divide and conquer" by Authority are:

Evolution vs. Special Creation, Spherical vs. Flat Earth, ET Disclosure vs. No Life But Here,

Conservative vs. Liberal, Heterosexuality vs. Andrygyny, Money vs. Trade/Barter,

Maritime Law vs. Common Law, Think Tanks versus Morality Teachings, 

Church Authority vs. Holy Spirit Authority, New Age vs. Scripture.

Can you see where this can go . . . in YOUR DOMAIN?

I'm fully prepared to address WHATEVER YOUR ISSUE IS, in such a dialogue.

Yahweh and I talk about this all the time, and my books EXPLAIN this conflict--simply.

If you host a show and you'd like a knowledgeable Guest, give me a shout.

Emily Windsor-Cragg, yes, the Duke's daughter


United States