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Dr Sachin Gothi
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"The test of any civilisation or society is based on the amount and quality of care that it provides to its most weaker section, those who need it most. " Pregnant mothers and children below 5 years of age are the most vulnerable segment of the society. Former gives birth to life and continues human progeny. Whereas, latter decides the future. But, alas, do we give due respect and care to either of them. The biggest irony is that we spend our most of the money, time and other resources on other less important things than health. The world wide all Governments are working hard to reduce the Maternal & child deaths. But, still we are far from our health targets. I believe we cannot achieve our targets just by directing our resources, until we bring awareness about how to utilise them. If we want to make pregnancy, birthing and childcare safe to reduce the deaths and make parenting a pleasure we have to educate and sensitise the mothers, family and entire society. We have to ensure the safety of mothers across the globe, thy they are the creators of life. Happy Pregnancy Global Initiative is a mission to utilize the enormous power of social networking to create awareness towards pregnancy, childcare and parenting. The purpose of Happy Pregnancy app is to bring whole world in unison as a Global family to help our mothers and children. It has beautiful interface, family forum to interact with each other, various articles adorned with beautiful illustrations in easy to understand language on Pregnancy, Childcare and Parenting. Everyone who is a part of this mission is a winner. Mothers and children are benefitted with the vast knowledge and skills of professionals. Health care providers and other professionals get job satisfaction by contributing their skills for the benefit of society along with professional networking globally. Parents learn from the experience of other parents. Governments and NGO get social support to achieve their development goals and I get eternal happiness that almighty has chosen me as a part of this nobel Initiative. So, it has something for everyone. Happy pregnancy global initiative has few suggestions that might help to achieve them up to some extent. 1. Create awareness and sensitize society towards pregnancy and childcare by means of seminars, lectures, act plays etc in regional language. 2. Address the reasons that why the majority still do not utilise the health services. A. Lack of trust. B. Fear and apprehension. C. Long waiting. D. Poor quality perception. E. Costly treatment. F. Lack of services and commitment. G. Social misconceptions. F. Huge gap between demand and supply. Etc 3. Include pregnancy and childcare services into medical insurance. Presently the people who need most are not covered at all by the insurance companies in individual health policies. 4. Replace free health services by low cost medical therapy. When people pay for the services they utilise, they do not misuse or harm the resources. 5. Encourage public to get involved in management of hospitals in local areas and donate required instruments and facilities on the celebration days like birthdays or anniversaries and celebrate them with patients with terminal illnesses. 6. Give blood donation certificate to those who donate blood voluntarily and offer discounts in premium of medical insurance. 7. Make child adoption services easy to encourage care of those children who are in orphanage or war victims. 8. Audit various health measures and laws that could not achieve the targets and developmental goals. 9. Medical audit of every maternal and child deaths. 10. Improve medical emergency services including intensive care. The list of suggestions may be long and words short. However let's begin and face the challenges and we would surely make this world a better place to live for Mothers and Children. Let's join hands to reduce maternal and child deaths.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Dr. Sachin Gothi is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist at renowned Medanta Hospital, Indore, India. He specializes in Laproscopic surgery. He has passion to share his knowledge and experience to create awareness. He is a part of various social organizations committed to improve maternal and child health. He believes that Happy Pregnancy Global Initiative is the mission of his life

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