Guest Name, Dr Nimisha Walji

Dr Nimisha Walji
Dr. Nimisha Walji
Executive Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Guide

I understand the pressures of pursuing personal and professional excellence and of wanting to make the most of your time and abilities.

I am a yoga alliance qualified 200hr registered yoga teacher. After obtaining a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol, I spent six years living in London. In academia, obtaining a Masters degree and PhD in Nanotechnology from Imperial College London, and in senior management roles at internet start-up companies. Two years of which was spent doing both simultaneously. I have always demanded the best of myself and what I offer. What I have learnt along the way is that my physical and emotional wellbeing is the key to my success.

In 2012, I backpacked alone for a year through south and central america which prompted me in 2014 to leave my career as a management consultant to become a yoga teacher and start my own company. I understand the challenges of being a successful professional in corporate, academic, start-up and entrepreneurial environments; the lifestyle, the drive, the demands, the highs, the lows and the imbalances. It is extremely difficult to find time for relaxation and rejuvenation, however taking a simple hour out each week, if used effectively, can lead to increased productivity, efficiency and clarity. My personalised online yoga sessions offer convenient and effective relaxation, fitness and wellbeing that I wish I could have had access to before.

I am now the founder of my own company offering a service that I truly believe in and working in a way that is aligned with my skills and values. I have streamlined my business processes to maximise the effectiveness of my skills and work time. I love every aspect of what I do and have a great deal of free time to enjoy reading, writing, travelling, good company and healthy eating. I am a digital nomad. I have no permanent address. I travel to places that intrigue me, learn about cultures, enjoy natural beauty and have the freedom and flexibility I have always wanted to live the life that I desire.

I look forward to supporting and helping you, through the use of yoga, to reach your full potential.