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Dr Kevin Gyurina
Your Pitch

Whether it’s new, chronic or recurring, physical mental or emotional, pain can stop you in your tracks. The good news is, there is a reason for your pain. Life is trying to tell you something. You just need to get the message.

This information is for you if:

  • – No matter what you try, your pain always comes back,
  • – You Just can’t find any answers to your health problems,
  • – The older you get the more pain you have,
  • – You’ve tried everything, gone everywhere and can’t get relief,
  • – You want to be pain free once and for all.

Dr Kevin reveals the secrets to:

  • – How symptoms hold the key to more freedom,
  • – How to make your body tell you what it really needs,
  • – One simple practice that will change your life forever (The Body Breathing Technique),
  • – The little known connection between pain, body parts and emotions,
  • – Getting rid of your pain once and for all.
Chiropractic Physician and Energy Healer

My heart lead me to follow opportunities where many would look elsewhere.

The challenges and difficulties I found myself in became the silver lining and the path to greater levels of physical health, fulfillment, peace and happiness.

Gaining in-depth knowledge and ability lead me to heal myself and now the passion to share my amazing experiences and insights with others is my calling.

And as it is said….
“Physician, Heal thy self”

I  had become aware that I have the absolute talent to help others, yet I was ill and had to restore my body, heart and mind first.

I took this seriously …  and I am happy to say because of my struggles I have truly actualized myself!

My personal journey has taken me to various points around the world, and because of these experiences I have developed a unique perspective, as well as a mastery of multiple chiropractic and energy healing modalities, which have led me to create my own unique style.

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