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Dr Jeff Prystupa
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Hi my name is 'Dr. Jeff' Prystupa. I am an alternative medical doctor with 30 years experience in research and patient treatment without drugs or surgery. I have a medical background, but chose to practice alternative care. Why? Good question. Ask me that on the air for the benefit of the audience. Want an entertaining, knowledgeable, fun, and articulate guest? Contact me for contrasting views to all standing icons from medicine, politics, history, conspiracies, religion, and sex, to vaccines. The audience will love the humor, passion, and wisdom. My name is Dr. Jeff Prystupa and I approve this message.

Alternative medical doctor.

Raised in the family chemical business, I witnessed firsthand the workings of modern industry. Having abandoned a highly-promising career in medicine, by leaving my research position at Sloan-Kettering over the issue of vaccines, I then embraced alternative natural health care and its methods. A big fan of JFK, I was devastated by his assassination at age 11. He was the one who put the word 'conspiracy' into my lexicon. I have a half-century of political perspective to share. I am concerned with the mis-direction of health care, the insurance company conspiracy, and the bleak forecast for human consciousness on our endangered planet. I have done climate studies, toxicoly studies, and write on these subjects. I practice alternative care, specializing in non-responsive medical cases. Graduate of Wesleyan University, Palmer College of Chiropractic, I hold several specialties, the last being a certified yoga instructor. For a really fun show, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Dr. Jeff Prystupa

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