Guest Name, Dr Greg Tefft

Dr Greg Tefft
Dr. Greg Tefft
World’s Leading Expert in Personalized Nutrition

Dr. Greg Tefft likes to say he was his own first case history in personalized nutrition. Even as a seven-year-old champion swimmer, he became convinced that by using nutrition and exercise, he could custom design a one-of-a-kind body built to help him achieve his goals of being a World Class Swimmer and Track and Field Athlete.  He just missed a spot on the Olympic Swim Team in 1972, and then the 1976 Track and Field team. His drive to excel followed into adult life as a powerlifter-turned-bodybuilder, when he became a three-time Natural Mr. America (meaning without steroids)—never done before in history!

But despite his success and commitment to healthy living and proper nutrition, Dr. Tefft suddenly found himself hospitalized, unable to breathe at the pinnacle of his bodybuilding career. It turned out to be asthma -- standardized medicine provided no real cure and no permanent relief. After hearing Dr. Carlton Fredericks, an early leader in alternative health on a radio show, Dr. Tefft pursued a course of testing that was beyond the scope of traditional medicine. These test results showed his body was suffering from high chlorine and mercury levels, plus he proved deficient in a many vitamins, minerals and critical substances that his body wasn’t absorbing. After correcting these issues using chelation therapy, supplementation and a prescription diet, his asthma was gone.

This experience led him on a quest to go beyond conventional medicine to find the root cause-and-effect issues to help people find the specific keys to their personalized health. Dr. Tefft has been treating patients since 1984 as a board-certified naturopathic physician, chiropractic doctor and drugless physician, He is a former Sports Medicine Staff Member for the 1984 U.S. Olympic Team, the U.S. National Swim Team, the Race Across America, and other elite sports organizations, along with being head clinical nutritionist for the famous Malibu Health & Rehabilitation Center.

Today, he is best known as the World’s Leading Expert in Personalized Nutrition, a field he pioneered. Dr. Tefft is a renowned clinical bio-nutritionist, teacher, wellness practitioner, speaker and author. His book Your Personal Life, Measuring What Your Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong & Better is an international bestseller. Lauded as the “Mind-Body Connector” by Weider Publications, his clientele includes celebrities, Olympic athletes, and average people who want to be their best.

Ending the guesswork in treating illness and bringing people into maximum health is why he launched Arbor Vitae Nutrition, which brings his unique system of geno-metabolic nutritional testing--based on more than 60 years of orthomolecular medical research—to people in an affordable and convenient way. Instead of costly, multiple tests and lots of speculation and/or guesswork, individuals can quickly know what their exact prescription for optimum health -- weight reduction, greater longevity, higher performance, more energy and the end of feeling powerless.