Guest Name, Darrell Campbell

Darrell Campbell
Certified Life Coach, BS Sociology, minor Social Psychology (Developmental Psychology) Restaurant Operations Consultant, President CSU Model United Nations, inductee National Society of Leadership and Success, married, 2 Eagle Scout sons, 3 granddaughters

Born  in deep South Alabama during the transitional and Trumatic civil rights era of the 50s and 60s. Two brothers, four sisters. Legally adopted by grandparents and raised by them (born 1902).  Among first middle school African American students of integrated public schools (1970), benefactor of Affirmative Action of 70s-80s becoming one of first GM of Operations  at southern based cafe chain. Double franchise Owner Operator Buffalos Cafe. Founder Real Help Network 2004, co-founder South Georgia Nonprofit Collaboration Network. Traveled to Equador, Czech Republic, Poland, Death Camps, at podium in Grand Hall of United Nations Building. Diploma Sex and Drug Counseling. Presented original research Georgia Sociology Association Conference 2013-2015, pending article publication Journal of Public and Professional Sociology. Married more than forty years, three children, 2 sons Eagle Scouts, daughter attends Columbus State University. Three granddaughters. Creator of School of Hard-Knocks. Confessed Christian believer. Mother, 39 year old, killed in domestic violence incident and first born died at age 26.