Guest Name, Carole Gold

Carole Gold
Carole Gold
Lawyer and Psychic

I practiced law for 13 years because I came to it as a calling and not as a business. When the passion was gone so was my ability to make the commitment good advocacy requires. I left the practice in search of that same feeling of purpose that had drawn me to it. I found that passion in using my God given gift of intuition to provide hope and inspiration to others through mentoring, coaching and speaking. Having struggled myself through decades of confusion and depression, successfully masked by a “can do” exterior, I developed first hand insights and solutions to overcoming adversity. It’s sharing these insights and solutions that gives me the utmost pleasure by fulfilling what I believe to be my life’s purpose. A lawyer by training, I know the seduction of logic and precedent. However, not thinking for ourselves leads to enslavement and political correctness in the absurd… at which we’ve arrived. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Be the individual in thought, word and deed that you were created to be.

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