Guest Name, Carina Berglund

Carina Berglund
Carina Berglund

Zoë is a great speaker! Zoë, Msc Neurochemistry, teaches "self help" work shops on the subject of spiritual growth. She has developed her own concepts Be an Attractive MagnetTM and Nordic Light Healing, which she teaches with great success.

Zoë will do workshops in L.A. in November: “DNA activation – The Light Code to awaken Christ Consciousness” and “Crystals' Magical Wisdom of Atlantis”.

She shares new and exciting information about our DNA and crystals. Zoë also coaches people to connect with their life purpose and their Star families from other civilizations. Zoë can of course adjust the conversation to whatever subject you would like to discuss within spirituality. We can give you a lot of suggestions for topics over email.