Guest Name, Bornbazie Flame

Bornbazie Flame
The Human Being
Author and investor.

I would like to be interviewed about my explanation that a person is a synergistic relationship of physical and immaterial existence. What Mode Of Living is, and why is it called the love based lifestyle. What is love, and how does it compare to living in fear. How Mode Of Living uses academic science to explain New Age claims.

Mode Of Living talks about the Laws of the universe: I would like to address these and explain how a knowledge of them can be used to enhance life for personal benefit. How the double torus is a fundamental force that holds all matter together, from the sub-atomic level to the galactic level.

There are also many rethinks of existing understanding of how things like manifestation function. We could talk about the limitations in Rhonda Byrne's “The Secret,” and how Mode Of Living explains the full method for manifesting.

You could ask why i wrote this book, and how i came to the conclusions that i eventually needed to write down. What my aim is for the Mode Of Living and where i see it going. Why i feel there is a need for an epoch of mass awareness and how this could change the world so we could all live in love.

Mode Of Living