Guest Name, Alec Newald

Alec Newald
Alec Newald
UFO Researcher

One Monday in mid-February 1989, Alec Newald set off on what should
have been a three hour drive from Rotorua to Auckland, in New Zealand.
He arrived in Auckland feeling tired and confused, but was even more
confused to learn that Monday was now Thursday ten days later, and that
he had no idea of what had happened in the meantime!
When Alec did retrieve his memories of those missing ten days, he
realized his life had changed forever. Early on in that fateful trip, while
driving through a foggy mountain pass, Alec was whisked from the road by
beings from an extraterrestrial civilization. The most unusual thing was not
only was Alec taken, his car was taken as well. And it was his attempts to
find out what was “wrong” with his car” that assisted him in remembering
and at the same time put him on the radar of Government Intelligence

What he learned and experienced during his stay with these friendly
beings has profound implications for all of us here on earth.

Soon after his “return”, Alec received strange visits from “government
scientists” wanting to know about his experience.

Among other things, they were keen to learn what he had noticed about
the capabilities of this alien race. Alec was uncooperative and soon found
himself in “hot water” and in fact
It was obvious that these “scientists” knew all about Alec’s abductors’ and
expected they would return to Earth one day - soon.
The interrogations that took place behind closed doors while Alec was
locked away from the public eye have never be disclosed in any of the
Coevolution story thus far and edition No 3 will tell that story and it only
opens up a bigger can of worms as far as Artificial Intelligence is

This is small extract from a 32page document that recounts two days of heavy
interrogation while held at her majesties’ pleasure.

….He did draw another item from the case. “Your turn” he said, handing
me another small item, this time a cube similar to the pyrite crystals I had
been given aboard the alien craft. At first I thought it was one of them, I’d
had one stolen a few years before. But on closer inspection it was more
highly polished and less natural looking than my own. “See what you can
do with that” House suggested.

As soon as I took it from his hand it lit up as if I’d tuned it on! “Ah, now we
are getting somewhere.” He said, “Up til now we had not managed to get
anything out of it, and in case you are wondering, yes it’s the real deal,
that was not manufactured here.”

The cube was studded with what looked like small dots, but once it was
switched on the dots appeared to project images, I could describe them as
letters but actually they were more like hieroglyphics or symbols.
“Oh, that’s interesting, House commented. “I’ve seen those symbols
before, we worked out is some sort of periodic table. I don’t’ suppose
you…..” He tapered off as the cube started to hover above my hand and
started to spin. It spun so fast it became invisible -the only things left were
the symbols. “Quick, write those down.” Cried our House, only to realize
he and I were the only ones in the room.

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