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Adam Hall
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Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve

By Adam C. Hall

Hall Paves the Way for You to Access Your Own Divine Genius;

His Extraordinary Journey Opens the Door for Yours


There he lay, splayed out on an altar deep in an Incan temple in Peru at midnight, a two-snake-headed bronze staff beside him, awaiting the energy and light to come, on the 52nd anniversary of his conception.

What brought Adam C. Hall to this place, the Temple of the Moon, slipping past the guards at midnight? An extraordinary journey that began 81 days before, deconstructing everything and every belief he thought to be true.

And therein lies the seeds of what he can offer he learned to access his Genius Mind and the Divine Genius that is within and without us all.

In his true adventure journey from Santa Barbara, CA to Peru, the twilight world of ascended guides and the deepest depths of his soul, Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, Adam imparts The Thirteen Universal Wisdom Teachings, and his Genius Process for integrating them into your life. This process enables you to shed the layers of ego, pretentiousness, false beliefs, and values that separate you from the Divine Genius, your authentic creative, loving and abundant life force.  

So where did this story actually begin? The year that Adam’s life fell apart. A handsome, successful real estate developer with a trophy wife, three lovely daughters, an expansive million-dollar home in an exclusive neighborhood, a country club membership and all the golf he wanted to play. A success by all traditional American standards. And then, it was gone! His business collapsed, an acrimonious divorce, estrangement from his daughters, their move to Utah from California with his former spouse, bitterness, depression, anger and loneliness….

It was then that Adam really began to look for answers beyond the success, money and prestige that his ego craved. The initial phase of his transformation began by exploring spiritual teachings, under the tutelage of shamonic sage Alberto Villoldo and the conscious evolutionary leader Barbara Marx Hubbard. He became a deep student of A Course of Miracles and the ancient Mayan culture. Clearly, he was evolving, working to help conserve valued open space though innovative real estate deals, shepherding the earth, becoming an EarthKeeper. But more was needed. He was still raw with rage, loss and self-recrimination.   

And that was when me met MEN. It was deep in meditation when MEN first came to him. An ascended master, who Adam named for the Mayan word “eagle,” associated with the concept of “the wise one.” This mysterious hooded figure called for him to embark on an 81-day journey that would reveal to him the path out of his pain and toward the light of the Divine Genius.

Over the course of the next weeks, each day MEN would impart more of the Thirteen Universal Wisdom Teachings, each which had a profound impact on Adam, allowing him to unpack and unlearn the layers of false pretenses which previously ruled his mind and veiled the truth of his heart. Allowing him to finally hear to voice of his Divine Mind and the guidance of the Divine Genius.

At last, it was time to leave for the culmination of the journey, first in the jungles of Peru, under the mind and soul-opening ayahausca and the magical silver moonlight, and ultimately to that altar for a true activation of his soul and mission.

Today, through his book, coaching and speaking, Adam helps people speed up the UNLEARNING CURVE, to access their Divine Mind and the unlimited wisdom, guidance and knowledge of the Divine Genius through the Genius Process.

Adam can help your listeners explore:

  • Can they get out of this life alive?—And what that means
  • The first and most important of the 13 Wisdom Teachings
  • Why the beliefs around death are such transformative teachings for us
  • The difference between Divine Doing and Divine Being
  • What is Involution as opposed to Evolution
  • A process to unlearn the problem that creates all problems

If you would like to interview Adam C. Hall on the Unlearning Curve, the path to returning to the Divine Genius, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details.

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(772) 332 0528                                              (818) 707 1473    


Adam C. Hall is committed to helping individuals unlearn the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that shield them from discovering their Divine Genius, the key to acknowledging and activating their true Divine selves. In his new book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, Adam shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the Genius Process that lead to his transformation, discovered on the extraordinary journey that took him from the shores of Santa Barbara, CA to the jungles of Brazil and Peru. He is passionate about sharing this information with the world.

An author, speaker, futurist, social architect, impact investor, advisor and conservationist—27 years as a CEO & serial entrepreneur-- Adam began his professional career as a self-described Earth Conqueror, ultimately turning to the role of EarthKeeper. He was the founder of three successful real estate development companies, before personal and professional devastation forced him to reevaluate everything in his life.

Ultimately, he began to integrate a deeply spiritual and more authentic and natural approach, becoming a trained shaman, and teacher of The Course of Miracles. It was then he chose to focus on creating a company that protected the planet, and particularly open space at risk of development. As the CEO of Renaissance Capital, Adam raised $1.5+ billion in capital investment to rescue and conserve premiere natural landscapes. He spent two decades as an impact investor dedicated to the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits with Purpose -- and founded of the EarthKeeper Alliance. He also contributes to replanting the earth through the organization 8 Billion Trees.

Committed to helping others get in touch with their innate power for personal, professional, and planetary transformation, Adam has 10 years of experience as an Inner Wealth Advisor and Inner Leadership Consultant, helping people enrich their Inner and Outer Wealth Portfolio by integrating Science, Spirituality and Success. Says Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, world-renowned shaman and CEO Four Winds: “Adam is a business genius, and has the wings that carry you to places few people dream of.”

Adam has dedication himself to fostering Conscious Evolution, Business and Culture over the past two decades.

Though his books — Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve and the first book in his autobiographical trilogy The EarthKeeper, Undeveloping the Future-- his 40 keynotes and the more than 60 radio and television show interviews he has done, Adam continues to seek ways to elevate consciousness.

Today he is the founder/CEO of the Genius Studio, creator of the Genius Process and works particularly with accomplished men who are seeking more contentment, alignment and personal meaning in their lives.

Adam is a believer of lifelong learning and unlearning. He enjoys reading, writing, golfing, biking, skiing, hiking, yoga, vision questing and adventure travel. Adam is the father of three daughters, grandfather to five granddaughters.

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