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The Vikki Ford Show

The Vikki Ford Show with Vikki Ford, banner
Show Host: 
Vikki Ford

The Vikki Ford Show Radio Show is a great discussion of topics such as Karma, Tarot card readings, woman's issues, how the law, both physical and spiritual, effects us as spiritual people, divorce and spiritualism, and other NOW issues.

Vikki has her Doctorate in RoHun and is a member of the International Healing Professionals and the International Association of RoHun Professionals as well as the Int' Association of Holistic Lawyers. She is the author of, "Angel Anya's Magic Heart", and two upcoming books, "Heart's Justice: Compassion & the Game of Law", and an untitled book, "Silenced Hearts: Being Safe in the World".

Victoria welcomes callers for discussions as well as live readings. She is excited about being on BBS as it brings her joy to share her life experiences and educational journeys with her listeners!

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Talk Show Program Host

Dr. Vikke
Vikke Ford
United States Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Vikke Ford
Shamanic Lawyer

This is a call-in show to guide you in answering your questions about life, relationships, healing, and ways to improve your life.  Dr. Vikke uses intuition utilizing angel, tarot, and Shamanic tools.

Dr. Vikke is a Certified Shaman Practitioner trained with the Four Winds Society who specializes in Soul Retrievals, Destiny Retrievals (finding your life's purpose) and Destiny Readings. She utilizes her training as a licensed attorney, Transpersonal Energy Psychologist Ph.D., Ordained Spiritual Minister, and Certified Tarot Card reader to inspire and assist you in finding your life's answers.  As an attorney for over 30 years, she understands how life's problems can affect a person, which helps in the healing process, thus Shamanic Lawyer. This training and experience can benefit you as we live in both a physical and spiritual world and having balance in the two are powerful for you.

 She will begin her new Shamanic Lawyer show on May 26th, every other Wednesday evening at 7 EST.  

Dr. Vikke will use her Tarot, Angel, and Shamanic tools to assist you on your souls' journey. 

She blends both modern-day updates in energy healing with the so-valued Shaman Energy Healing techniques. She is trained with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, famous for his bringing Shamanism to us all in this modern time.

Dr. Vikke specializes in past trauma or upsets: "Changing Contracts-Changing Lives" by  Vikke Ford, (Dr. Vikke).

Detox your life, find YOU again. Exciting new shows to come!!! Health like you've never known it before. Currently, she takes appointments only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Working with Dr. Vikke brings you back to finding your life's purpose and releasing old connections that never seem to go away. if you are ready to take the leap, discover yourself and be willing to bring truth to your life for you and your family. She works with those who are truly ready to live and connect with Spirit. She has traveled her journey and is ready to share with you for your benefit. She provides a unique combination of both spiritual and practical life techniques for improving life.

Dr. Vikke does not offer legal advice and in no way is she acting as an attorney for anyone on the show, listening to the show, or anyone calling in. If specific legal questions, it is recommended to call an attorney. Dr. Vikke's show is on Shamanism.