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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 15 December 2022

The Kimberly Cloud Show

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My show is geared towards talking about peoples past, present, and future. The past, present, and future is a good ways of discussing what's the root cause of your success and failures over the years. You may have a business, job, and career, or you may wear many different hats. You can learn from the circumstances around your past, but you know history repeats itself, so why not talk about the positives and negatives of being an entrepreneur, student, life coach, or counselor. No matter what arena you are in just know I am here to interview you and get YOUR STORY!!!

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Kimberly M. Cloud
Santa Maria
Entrepreneur, inventor, author, blogger, producer

Kimberly Cloud (born 3 July 1984, Washington DC) is an African American entrepreneur. She is the founder of Genuinely Michelle Wigs LLC and Blue Cloud Cleaning LLC, a cleaning agency. Cloud is best known for creating successful businesses from the ground up and is dedicated to empowering people, especially women, by addressing mental health issues. She firmly advocates a positive mentality and aims at creating a healthy working space. Mrs. Cloud also has created the hit original Podcast: The Kimberly Cloud Show. It was founded in 2020, and started off with her just doing a documentary about her life events and then branched off to major production. She also has: The International Ambassadors Program, and the Jr. International Ambassadors Program. She has met many greats such as her neighbor Marty Kaiser: (He is both characters put into one in the hit sensation movie: The Enemy of the State. Cloud has also met Eric Herbert Which he worked for the Trump Administration and Produced the very First GPS in the world. Here is a link to his show: Ive also got to speak With the one of many Shark Tank Sharks like: Daymond John. It was a live 3 minute event and he choose me! 

Cloud is a highly acclaimed individual and has received numerous certificates for her exemplary work. I have been mentioned in: Who's Who twice. I also was in Fortune Magazine as The 6 top entrepreneurs who gives business advise. She has also been featured in several media outlets, including Yahoo Finance, Accesswire, Business Insider, and others.