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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 11 May 2021

The Don and Wynn Show with Donald Newsom and Wynn Free

The Don and Wynn Show with Donald Newsom and Wynn Free
Donald Newsom and Wynn Free

Laugh from deep down with every fiber of your being, for there is no other pleasure nor greater cosmic joke than being in the Now right here... right there; where everything is nothing and nothing is everything. Death is meaningless and Life is an imagination created by Love and extending itself forever. What you thought was you... is not, and what you think is not you..... IS. The great unknown is a simple mystery we have over-complicated to unrecognizability. Travel with Don and Wynn on their journey through the mind, where the show is just a place for two good friends to go ranting on about whatever comes to mind.

The Don and Wynn Show - Drive time radio with a metaphysical slant. Wynn and Don met about a month ago, became fast friends and have been talking to each other everyday since, about many of the topics which are on everybody's minds. They decided to let the visitors of easedrop on their conversations - thus the birth of The Don and Wynn Show. On one level Wynn and Don are as opposites as opposite can be. Wynn converses with interdimensional beings conversationswithmygirlfriend, writes poetry and songs, was the principal author of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and lived in his RV for a good portion of his life. Don is the founder of They both have come to understand the critical period which mankind is passing and are dedicated to planetary service. This show is an experiment. We sincerely hope it's meaningful to you ---- please let us know.

We're only here to recreate the World with every listening moment. This is not your typical show! It is an engaging dialog between Wynn, Don and various guests, to break down the barriers to spiritual enlightenment and build a bridge to heal the World. This is a show of imagination, higher purpose and vibration. Open the door and we'll barge right in.....

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Donald Newsom

Donald Newsom
President and Founder of BBS Radio - BBS Network, Inc.

<p>A very spiritual yet private man that you will come to know through the course of time. He delights in helping others make their way through this Penal Colony we call Earth. He's on a mission of change, one that will promote joy, peace and love to all. Being extremely passionate he wishes to be of service to others. It is his hope that we find our higher purpose and identity with the Divine Creator - Being One with All. Your responsibility is of the highest order. As we are all mirrors of each other, there is a responsibility in being. Be the mirror for others that you would like to see reflected back at you. Allow others to see themselves through you, as they truly are, without the trappings of their physical nature. Time may change, but their perfection never will, and you have the wondrous ability to give them back to themselves. Let their higher self be the image that they see in you. Show them kindness and compassion, joy and peace. With a Christ-like reflection, can you have what you have given. Remember: No matter how often you look in the mirror, the ONLY thing reflected back is love.</p>

Wynn Free
Talk Show Host, Author, Physician, Researcher, Scholar, Songwriter, Poet, Contactee of the Elohim, Spiritual New Age Speaker

Bio: Wynn Free is most known as the principal author of the book, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? In addition to presenting an impeccable case, proving for most readers, that Edgar Cayce has returned, the book gives a most credible understanding, from a cosmic perspective, as to what’s really happening on planet earth, concerning the dimensional shift and ascension. The source of the readings has identified itself as the Ra Confederacy – a group soul.

Wynn, who has a background as a physics major in Berkeley, began writing the book from a scholarly standpoint. Then two years into the writing (April 2002), to his own astonishment, he learned that he was under direct observation from intelligences on the other side when they initiated a series of communications, speaking to Wynn through two consecutive personal relationships. Initially, he had to decide if it was real and if it was positive. He was invited to ask questions and diligently recorded the answers to evaluate over time. The intelligences speaking to him identified themselves as the Council of Elohim, which is the name the Bible refers to as the Creator God of this realm.

After five years of these communications, all recorded, Free has come to the conclusion that they just might be who they say they are with numerous instances of future prognostications, miracles, and wise counseling. Many of the premises in The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, concerning ascension, were independently verified by the communications of the Elohim.

For the past months, Wynn has been moderating a telephone conference line, where the communications of the Elohim and the Ra Confederacy are shared with participants, many of whom claim to have had huge personal transformations and miraculous interventions as a result of their involvement. The call is now broadcast live and worldwide over the internet at on Monday nights at 6:30 pm PST.

Wynn has done numerous media presentations including the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM and Good Morning USA. He has also been a featured speaker at many spiritual/New Age venues including the New Living Expo in San Francisco, the Holistic Living Expo, Unity Church of Flagstaff, and The Church of Religious Science in La Crescenta, Ca. He cohosted one of the original bbs shows with Don Newsom, founder of BBS Radio, The Don and Wynn Show which ran every Saturday evening for about 3 years. You can download Wynn's new book for free - The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You at


I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My main interest as a youth was electronics and ham radio.   I attended college at the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in physics, thinking that physics was a natural expansion of my early interest in electronics.

But it wasn't long before my interests shifted to alternative politics, spirituality, metaphysics, and songwriting. I read a number of books about Edgar Cayce during this period and it stimulated my curiosity to possible understanding of realities far beyond my proclivity for science, rational explanations.

I formed a rock and roll band and played at clubs in Berkeley and San Francisco. When the band broke up, my girlfriend and I formed a duo where she would sing the songs I had written and I would back her up playing guitar. We traveled around the country in a VW bus and were welcomed as hippy emissaries wherever we would go.

There was something inside me that was demanding certain lessons that I would have to have outside of that relationship. I decided to take a hitchhiking road trip with just my guitar. I was a bit scared of doing this but I remember saying to myself that if there was a God, I wanted him to show himself and this trip was my way of giving God a chance to reveal himself. It was somewhat an act of faith, leaving Berekeley with no money and no particular destination, but I wanted to act out an Americana dream in the footsteps of some of my heroes at the time, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and others who used music as their interface with humanity.

This trip ended up keeping on the road for about 4 years, countless sofas, various girlfriends and the wealth of experience and growth I hungered for. Eventually I went to Los Angeles believing I had gotten proficient enough as a songwriter and entertainer to make a career of it. I had a couple of songs recorded, one which became a minor hit in Canada and I was cowriting songs with the legendary Brian Holland of the songwriting team Holland Dozier Holland. Brian was part of the early Motown team of Holland Dozier Holland in Detroit and had written the melodies for almost all the songs of the Supremes and the Four Tops including the hits, How Sweet it is to be Loved by you, Reach Out, I Hear a Symphony, Baby Love, Standing in the Shadow of Love, and many more classics.

I had experienced many synchronicities (miracles of perfect timing) and I thought my success as a songwriter and entertainer was just a matter of time. But something happened which totally reversed my fate. One of my songs was rewritten and became a hit without my name on it. (I should note that this had nothing to do with Brian Holland). My life fell apart. I became afraid to let anyone hear my music and withdrew. I ended up selling products at swap meets and street fairs to survive. It began as a temporary stopgap for my withdrawal from the music business which I intended to return to, but I had gotten into a rut that I didn't know how to get out of.

I traveled around Southern California making enough money to just survive, living hand to mouth from one weekend to the next. Then in 1998, at the end of an event in San Diego, I said to myself that if I had to live the rest of my life as a street vendor, I would rather die on the spot. I purchased a notebook at local drug store and began writing my thoughts of the day, which came out in the form of free style poems. I wrote about street fairs. I wrote about the cute women passing my space, I would write about whatever was happening in the moment. Most of all I got excited because I discovered I could still write. I didn't have to die.

I began sending my poems over the internet to different websites and publications and I was getting published with great acknowledgements. I solicited a metaphysical web magazine &ndash; Spirit of Ma'at &ndash; to publish some poems and they responded that they didn't publish poetry and invited me to write an article for them. I interviewed a well known author and the interview was well received, so they invited me to be a staff writer and would pay me for articles every month which they would assign to me. Initially this was quite a challenge. I was used to writing what I wanted, when I wanted and now I had to write within the restriction of a discipline. But I was surprisingly good at it and my articles were well received.

It was somewhere around 1999 that I discovered the website of David Wilcock, where David revealed in one section that he had a "resonance"; with Edgar Cayce. I read David's story carefully and decided that if he was telling the truth, he had to be the reincarnation of Cayce. I petitioned my editor at Spirit of Maat to let me interview David. She looked at his website and reported back to me that he was some kind of whacko. I persisted and eventually she reluctantly gave the go ahead, but wouldn't guarantee to run the story until she evaluated it. The day after I sent her the story, she phoned me and passionately proclaimed I was right; David had to be the return of Cayce. Then she said that I was the one to write the book about it, which led to the writing of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, released in March of 2004 and published by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley.

Two years into writing the book, in April of 2004, the story of my personal experience of inter-dimensional communication commenced where two girlfriends in a row spontaneously started to channel a voice which identified itself as the Council of Elohim. This experience included very precise future predictions, a miracle of healing, and wise personal counseling. I asked many questions about the premises of the book I was writing and received independent conformation for many of the more far out premises in the book.

I googled the word Elohim and found the following references - the creator God of this universe, the God of the Old Testament, and the group that was communicating with Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormon Church. I asked if they were the same Elohim and they answered &ldquo;part of the same&rdquo;. I asked "Why me?"  They compared me to a cosmic midwife and said I would eventually be bringing these messages to the world. From my point of view, there was no way to know I was really talking to the Elohim. I was still evaluating if it was positive. And I was in the middle of writing the book on the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. I was afraid if I talked about my personal experience, I would never find a publisher and lose my credibility as an author. The book was controversial enough without having an author who had two girlfriends in a row spontaneously announce; "Those guys want to talk to you." and I'd be speaking with a voice that identified itself as the Council of Elohim, the creator God of our universe. Keep in mind that I'm not drawing conclusions here. I'm just reporting the facts and I'll leave it up to you to draw the conclusions. And if it all gets to far out, just go back and enjoy my songs and poems and forget I ever mentioned all this inter-dimensional stuff.