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Donald Newsom, Founder and President of BBS Radio
Donald Newsom
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President and Founder of BBS Radio - BBS Network, Inc.

A very spiritual yet private man that you will come to know through the course of time. He delights in helping others make their way through this Penal Colony we call Earth. He's on a mission of change, one that will promote joy, peace and love to all. Being extremely passionate he wishes to be of service to others.

It is his hope that we find our higher purpose and identity with the Divine Creator - Being One with All.

Your responsibility is of the highest order. As we are all mirrors of each other, there is a responsibility in being. Be the mirror for others that you would like to see reflected back at you. Allow others to see themselves through you, as they truly are, without the trappings of their physical nature. Time may change, but their perfection never will, and you have the wondrous ability to give them back to themselves. Let their higher self be the image that they see in you. Show them kindness and compassion, joy and peace. With a Christ-like reflection, can you have what you have given.

Remember: No matter how often you look in the mirror, the ONLY thing reflected back is love.

Bible to Self-Awareness:

Donald Newsom, Founder and President of BBS Radio
Donald Newsom, Founder and President of BBS Radio