The Don and Wynn Show with Donald Newsom and Wynn Free

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The Don and Wynn Show

The Don and Wynn Show with Donald Newsom and Wynn Free
Donald Newsom and Wynn Free

Laugh from deep down with every fiber of your being, for there is no other pleasure nor greater cosmic joke than being in the Now right here... right there; where everything is nothing and nothing is everything. Death is meaningless and Life is an imagination created by Love and extending itself forever. What you thought was you... is not, and what you think is not you..... IS. The great unknown is a simple mystery we have over-complicated to unrecognizability. Travel with Don and Wynn on their journey through the mind, where the show is just a place for two good friends to go ranting on about whatever comes to mind.

The Don and Wynn Show - Drive time radio with a metaphysical slant. Wynn and Don met about a month ago, became fast friends and have been talking to each other everyday since, about many of the topics which are on everybody's minds. They decided to let the visitors of easedrop on their conversations - thus the birth of The Don and Wynn Show. On one level Wynn and Don are as opposites as opposite can be. Wynn converses with interdimensional beings conversationswithmygirlfriend, writes poetry and songs, was the principal author of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? and lived in his RV for a good portion of his life. Don is the founder of They both have come to understand the critical period which mankind is passing and are dedicated to planetary service. This show is an experiment. We sincerely hope it's meaningful to you ---- please let us know.

We're only here to recreate the World with every listening moment. This is not your typical show! It is an engaging dialog between Wynn, Don and various guests, to break down the barriers to spiritual enlightenment and build a bridge to heal the World. This is a show of imagination, higher purpose and vibration. Open the door and we'll barge right in.....

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