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Getting over someone? stuck in a relationship? Confused or bewildered?

When we fall in love, we tend to give all the best that we have and ended up being jaded in the process. Eventually when that person step out of our lives, our world falls apart and vanishes. Do we really want to be codependent on other people just to exist and be happy?

Let Sophia help you with my psychic experience and expertise. Sophia is a Natural-born, gifted Clairvoyant with Clairsentient, Claircognitive, Clairaudient, retro/precognition and telepathic skills. She can see the established future and the final outcome of situations that you have questions about. Sophia has deep experience in marriage, love and relationships, and can assist you in making positive and correct decisions to empower your life. Sophia can also help you learn to love yourself more and be happy with who you are. Let her guide you to the real happiness you have within, so you can find the right path to love, prosper and be happy.

Tarot Reading: during a full background reading, you can actually find out about a person's past, the trials they went through in life and the kind of person they are. Is their intention pure and clean or is there something you need to be aware of, something about the future that could effect the final outcome of your situation or your relationship.

Feng Shui, finding the right direction, like where to sit, work, sleep and rest in your house, bedroom or office is very important. It helps people avoid major pitfalls their finances, life, career, relationships, and other major aspects of their life. It helps a person find inner peace, comfort and relaxation by indicating the best place to lay the body to rest. It helps reduce the agitation that can result at work, in life, from family or finances. Facial feng shui can have a major affect on the controversies in your life as well.

Sophia Angel has been a psychic reader for 18 years, with continuous practice and expertise in the fields of parapsychology, psychoanalysis, divination, energy PK, strong clairvoyance, energy manifestation, medical intuitive, remote viewing, mind reading, mind bending, and future scrying and alteration. Sophia is also a Clairvoyant & Tarot card reader, with special emphasis on Love & relationships, life coaching, life purpose attunement and working around and overcoming infidelity.

Sophia is quick, frank and straightforward, providing blunt details about the past, present and future. Sophia does not sugarcoat information! She does not say what you want to hear. She will tell you first what she can see, then explain the connection or relevance. Sophia can help you manifest the things you want in your life.

Break the infidelity, the never ending lies, by identifying the type of person you’re dealing with. Learn to avoid disaster, and make that person love you and appreciate you more without any spells or extras unnecessary stuff.

Sophia can actually read your lover's mind and bend their thoughts away from distraction, temptations or dark ruins that could destroy your life and potential happiness.

Member of Parapsychological Association, US Chapter

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