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Jim Hickman, A well-rounded, individual interested in bringing awareness to an 'in your face' well-hidden Government cover up...

"My goal with my work is to get the scientific community interested in the facts behind the 'giggle factor' as we call it, and to look at the 'real' evidence and come to their own conclusions. I feel there is enough physical evidence to convince anyone if they were to just look." ~ Jim Hickman

  • MUFON's Research Specialist for Media Operations

    • Former Director, Skywatch International

    • Trainer of Hundreds of Field Investigators

    • Radio Host/TV personality

    • Author, 3 published books and many articles and studies

    • Participant in many documentaries, Radio and TV programs about UFO's and other paranormal topics

    • Popular Convention / Expo Speaker

    • Former Officer in APRO, NICAP, and past host of MSN'S UFO Forum

    • Fire Protection Instructor -Oklahoma State University, Paramedic, Biomedical Technician

    • UFO Investigator for over 40 years

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