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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 10 May 2021

Skywatch Hour with Jim Hickman

Talk Show:
Show Host:

Jim Hickman, A well-rounded, individual interested in bringing awareness to an 'in your face' well-hidden Government cover up...

"My goal with my work is to get the scientific community interested in the facts behind the 'giggle factor' as we call it, and to look at the 'real' evidence and come to their own conclusions. I feel there is enough physical evidence to convince anyone if they were to just look." ~ Jim Hickman

  • MUFON's Research Specialist for Media Operations

    • Former Director, Skywatch International

    • Trainer of Hundreds of Field Investigators

    • Radio Host/TV personality

    • Author, 3 published books and many articles and studies

    • Participant in many documentaries, Radio and TV programs about UFO's and other paranormal topics

    • Popular Convention / Expo Speaker

    • Former Officer in APRO, NICAP, and past host of MSN'S UFO Forum

    • Fire Protection Instructor -Oklahoma State University, Paramedic, Biomedical Technician

    • UFO Investigator for over 40 years

Talk Radio Show Program Information Displays

Skywatch_Hour, September 29, 2005 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Skywatch_Hour, September 15, 2005 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Skywatch_Hour, September 8, 2005 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Skywatch_Hour, September 1, 2005 Courtesy of BBS Radio
Skywatch_Hour, August 25, 2005 Courtesy of BBS Radio

Jim Hickman

Jim Hickman

Biography from:

Jim has literately written the book on UFO Investigations. His first book, "5000 years of UFO's-Are we really alone?" by America House publishing explores the very reality of UFO and Extra Terrestrial activity in our history. Jim's second book, "The Alien Menace" explores the very real impact of hostile actions taken by occupants of UFO's. Jim's third book "The Rancher's Nightmare - The mysterious murder of livestock…" explores the yet unidentified purpose behind cattle mutilations and its emotional and financial impact on today's society. Each of Jim's books are available for sale through this website or Barnes and Noble or or from his publisher -Publish America.

Jim hard at work in his "day job"...

Jim Hickman has been a UFO investigator for over 40 years and has trained hundreds of field investigators. He, along with author Chris O'Brien wrote the Skywatcher's UFO handbook. He continues to appear on TV and radio shows. Some of Jim's appearances include:

The BBC News, The Tony Gill show, The Laura Lee show, The Cybercity show with host Jack Landman, The 21 Century Radio Show, The Jeff Rense show, The Art Bell show, The Jerry Pippin show, The Hieronimous show, The Karen Grant show, The Final Word show, The Lou Gentile show, The Nexus Domain Talk show, The Rio Grande Files show, The X-Zone show, The Coast to Coast show, Dreamland, The Cosmic Connection show, The TENN FILES show, The Horizons UFO show, The Paranormal Research Primer, The Bill Waggoner show, WSHO Radio, KLTA-FM, Little Rock, AR, BBC-3 Radio- London, The Messiah Branch Radio show, Whitley Strieber’s "The Unknown Country" show, The Valley of Decision" show, The "Feet to the Fire" show, The "Walking with Spirit" show, The Pastor Dan Show, The Alabama Para-Spiritual Research radio show, The Mysteries of the Mind show, the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program, The Black Vault radio show, and of course, Jim was the host of radio's "Wake UP USA" show for over 3 years, on the Stardust Radio Network. Jim was the host of "The Skywatch Hour" Radio show.

Jim has appeared on the TV shows "UFO Files - Cattle Mutilations" and helped produce the new "UFO Files - The Texas Roswell" on the History Channel, and appeared on the show "In Search Of..." on the Sci-fi Channel. Jim has also appeared on the "We are not Alone" show, and produced several of the Sci-Fi channel's "Sightings" shows. Jim has appeared on "Is this a Great State or what show? on KFOR TV" and the "Out There" TV show, Jim was also on: KTSA TV News, KWTV News. The Earth Changes TV show, and Jim was the UFO expert on the X-Zone Radio show for many years.

Jim has also been published or interviewed in the following magazines: UFO-UK Magazine, Elk City Daily News, MUFON UFO Journal, Skywatchers Journal, University of South Carolina Journal, UFO Round-Up, Filer's Files, Microsoft Network's UFO Forum, Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology Magazine, Paranormal UFO Information Network, Illustrated news of the Unbelievable, CAUS Weekly Commentaries, Wireless Flash News, Beyond Publications, Special Edition of UFO DIGEST, PAG E-News Service, Reports for Earth Changes TV, and the X-Chronicles Newspaper, and was a World of the Strange Award of Excellence winner.

Jim has a solid reputation of captivating his audiences during speaking engagements.

Jim has spoken at the Aztec UFO 2005 Conference in Aztec, NM, the MUFON 2003 Symposium in Dearborn, MI, International UFO Museum in Roswell, NM, MUFON Orange County, Skywatch '97, Aztec99, Carnegie Library, Ozark UFO, State and local; Kiwanis, Lion's club, Rotarians, MUFON Oklahoma, MUFON Texas DFW, The Ancient of Days conference in Roswell 2004.

Jim continues to attend UFO conferences across the world and is considered an "A-list" speaker.

Jim served for many years as the President of Skywatch International Inc. Jim also shared his time as a UFO researcher for NICAP, MUFON and was host of MSN's UFO Forum for over 5 years. Jim continues to captivate his reading audience by turning out new books and weekly articles. A simple search in any Internet search engine will easily turn out a long list of worthwhile articles by this amazing author!

Accreditations- Member- National Fire Protection Association- National Healthcare Disaster Preparedness Committee, Member- National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, Member- Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, Member- and on Board of Directors- Medical Equipment Technicians Association