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Satsang with G - Discussing Spirituality, Non Duality, Happiness, Prosperity and All the Stuff That Matters

To question is to live. To abandon assumptions and discover the truth is to live forever.

It is a deep exploration of the things that matter most to us all. Sometimes when we don’t even know it.

What if every single thing you have ever experienced or will ever experience, all the happiness or pain you have or will have in your life is a direct result of the image you hold of yourself? What would you do with that tidbit or information?

Satsang is a place to question, to explore, to contemplate. Not superficially but deeply. Each we we discuss and answer the questions that most matter to us all.

Questions we must answer:

  • What am I?
  • What is this all about?
  • What happens when I die?
  • What happened before I was born?
  • Why is the world so messed up?
  • Can I do anything about it?
  • How can I lead a spiritual life in a materialistic world?
  • Do I matter?
  • Do I deserve love
  • How do I find real self-acceptance?

Whether the question is as mundane as money or as profound as the meaning of life, I can assure you, “Satsang with G” will give you a new perspective that makes an immediate, transformative difference in your life.

So, are you concerned about health, money, romance, success, the future of the world? Every question has at its roots a set of beliefs that you hold about yourself. Beliefs that have simply never been questioned.

G invites you to bring your questions about whatever matters to you. Just don’t be surprised that the answer takes you deep into the heart of your true self.