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The greatest dignity in man’s achievement
is the stewardship of land!

Land is the basis of all wealth, it is natures abundance and serves all life!

Perm-a-culture is defined as a permanent culture – care of people – care of earth.

The Perm-a-culture Project is dedicated to a conscious choice of transition towards local sustainability.

    It is the Project’s intention to stimulate our universal innate compassion and joy for all of life. The ecological village has been in existence for a very long time. Today many more people are sensing the need to a more sane way of existence. Join our guest for lively discussion of our correlation to nature and each other.

    Topics to include growing food and forest. Building affordable housing. Living in and creating Eco-Villages. Changing the way we live with our neighbors. Creating locale economies. Learning the ways of indigenous people. Creating foundations for displaced people. Creating alternative power. Developing agricultural land trust and conservation easements. Working with locale government regulations. Group land purchases. Learning to forge for wild edibles and its’ uses. Creating a perennial garden. There is so much knowledge to share and stories to tell that you won’t want to miss this bi-weekly program! Ultimately we will co-create a network of “permaculturist”.

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