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Show Host
Kerrie O'Connor

Kerrie O'Connor has a unique and pioneering approach to delivering information directly from the soul. She is dedicated to lifelong partnership with her spirits and guides, maintaining a direct powerful and on-going interaction with them. Kerrie continues to expand and refine her astounding ability to energetically read a person's life stories by decoding the messages that are encrypted in the human energy field. Beyond acting as a medium and other psychic ability, Kerrie accesses a person's Original Blueprints, which holds all the information you need to live a more empowered, joyful life.

The basis of her work is found in the LightStream™ material, of which Intuitive LightStream™ Reading as the cornerstone. Her capacity to literally observe the inner ongoing processes we all go through make her uniquely qualified to offer the personal and practical guidance that will truly empower any individual or group.

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