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Howling With Papa Pooch

Howling & Growling On Air!

Come and experience the Journey of a Lifetime!

With Papa Pooch, as he is affectionately called by his friends and fans, people find answers within themselves in minutes to help deal with situations that may have bothered them for years. Stop stressing, finally get a good night's sleep, and know that maybe for the first time in years… somebody hears you!

People experience such change for the better, they call it a milestone…

While you're here, call-in to personally speak to Papa Pooch, have fun, meet new and exciting people, listen to some amazing Indie Music, and most of all – find the path beyond anything that's holding you back. You deserve answers!

You no longer need to struggle, there is an easier way!

Papa Pooch jokingly says that "After having spent half a century trying to figure out which came first – the Chicken or the Egg – I came across something more important, more valuable!" He discovered an Ancient Wisdom Inheritance that not only changed his life forever – but has also helped to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people who he's passed this wisdom onto. Many were previously told that they were beyond help, but after spending time with Papa Pooch, they discover an inner health and stability they never thought possible.

This is his gift to the world!

As an Author of over a dozen books, having taught over 4,500 classes, and having been a guest speaker at too many seminars and interviews to keep count, he's taken to the Airwaves with his new Howling With Papa Pooch Radio Program – to show you how to use the Mind for you, not against you.

Join Papa Pooch on Station 1, every Wednesday at 6:00 PT, and don't forget to give him a shout out and a belly rub, in the form of a Piece of Pecan Pie or a Reuben Sandwich, and you can also say hello or send him a hug, on Twitter or Facebook.

See Ya There…