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Dr. Susan Gingerich M.S.W.

Susan Gingerich holds a Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education. She is known locally as The Herb Lady, consulting with people regarding their use of herbs in health and wellness. She teaches An Introduction to Herbal Medicine at Columbus State College in Columbus, Ohio in the Nurses' Training Program. She has been spotted around Southern Ohio dressed in 1830's garb for 17 years or so, and the Herb Lady has traveled to Oklahoma, and across the Eastern US to introduce the historical use of herbs in a humorous way. She taught the School of Natural Health for Natures Sunshine Herbs for 3 years, and is an instructor with Tree of Light. She is planning to join the staff at the Bioacoustics Institute this fall, as well.

Both she and her husband have been through major illnesses, and they have found solutions in natural products for all of them. Norman experienced malignant melanoma 20 years ago, and congestive heart failure 12 years ago. He's fine now, and promises to pursue his new hobby of artistic blacksmithing. He says killer diseases aren't nearly as much fun as they're cracked up to be. Susan had chronic fatigue 12 years ago. The cure was in careful eating, herbs, vitamins, and patience. She is here to share the simple, time tested remedies, potions, teas, and cooking herbs that worked for her, her family, and humankind for as long as we have been here.

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