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Health Disclosure with Adam Masters, banner

The trouble with the health care system is that it is driven by profit and not by incentive for cures.

I spent 36 years of my life going from one doctor to another until I was forced to free myself from a wheelchair with cancer, autoimmune, unhealthy weight, and osteoporosis. A team of doctors and I figured out how to eliminate pain, inflammation, obesity, disease, autoimmune and cancer to 5 basic elements of health, arranged as a pyramid of priorities. The sequence begins at the precise point where 1 or more of the 5 imbalances occur. Pain, inflammation and unhealthy weight are how your body talks to you. They are the precursors to disease and obesity. All are symptoms of inflammation, all are caused by imbalance(s) in the pyramid I call the Matrix. Where you are in the Matrix is measured by pH, 7.2 being perfect. For anyone using the Matrix for any condition(s), allows the patient to recover past the point of "curing" to a point of "thriving".

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