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Find Your Soul Mate with Janet Greene
Show Host
Janet Greene

Janet Greene takes us on a step by step guided journey to discover the joy of love that is possible with our Buddy Soul Mate.

It does not matter where they are on this earth, if we really want this relationship and decide that we have to have it, then we can because our dreams are there to show us what Can come True.

This radio series expands on Janet's groundbreaking workbook, HEAL Your HEART - A Journey to find your SOUL MATE which shares the unique techniques and methods that she discovered during her own personal journey to heal and find her one true love.

"We hold so many hurts, fears and negative thoughts (beliefs) of ourselves, then wonder why we can't find love."

Janet shows us how to discover which of our own fears, painful memories, and negative beliefs have shut down our hearts and prevented the love we seek.

Then how to use a revolutionary technique called Greene's Release to PERMANENTLY ELIMINATE FEARS, EMOTIONS, BELIEFS and get ready for the best fun ever, playing the game of life with a best friend. Our one and only Buddy.

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