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Throughout the years we've heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. 
A few days ago I was making a few changes to my website. While searching on the internet, I came across this image that hit home.
Letters on Life #171

The Risk of Staying Closed in a Bud

Inspire Possibility Show with Filippo Voltaggio

The Readers Guide to the Soul of Uncertainty with Mark Susnow and Filippo Voltaggio

Book Signing: 
May 21st, 4PM
Book Passage 
Corte Madera 


Do We Really Create Our Own Reality?
If you are reading along with me, you probably have heard or read many times that your thoughts create your reality. The bigger question, which I have wondered about at times, is whether this is true. All we know for sure is that at times it has been true, and at other times, it hasn't.
Dear Uncertainty,
Thanks for also essentially being possibility. I'm a lot more into you when I think of you in that way.
All the best, Leah
I have to admit that I don't know Leah. Just last week in the preparation phase of a presentation on Uncertainty, I discovered her handwritten note on the internet.


Sometimes we work diligently at a project, at times feeling frustrated, at other times feeling exhilarated.  When it's completed you feel really good. That's how I feel right now-my new book, The Soul of Uncertainty, a Fable for our Times, has arrived and is available today!
In the midst of a storm, I looked up into the sky and knew that I would see the sun somewhere hidden in the clouds and the darkness, trying to peek through. It was then that I looked for the rainbow I knew would be there.