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Tapping into our connection as Consciousness is easy. Feeling it can rock your boat. Understanding what is happening is optional and not really important at times. And there might not be a lot of words available to articulate as it is our right brain that is engaging and not our left brain verbal processor. We will show you the very simple steps and let our authentic voices make themselves heard. And, then, the shift. That is the key. What fun!

Hello All,

What if you felt peace inside you as the norm? What if you felt compassion as your norm? What if the world was in peace and chaos was a way to incorporate change as the norm? There is a lot of stuff in the world that would say that war and mayhem and discord are everywhere and we are all “going to hell in a hand basket". Whether it is money, war, abuse, religion, politics, spirituality, science, or medicine, all have organized energy in them that can challenge peace and compassion in our centers. 

Lots of things happened last week. I bet in your life also. Moments of awareness of the need for self care and quiet. Moments of intense emotional reactions and response. Moments of awareness of power, shifting power and how we each influence in our lives. Making choices for others and ourselves is not always easy.

Hello All,

This is Lily. Lily is 4 months old now. Each of us has a Lily in us.  Inside of each of us is a pretty baby, no matter what we looked like or what we were told..

Hello All,
I am enclosing a 2 minute video this week to enjoy. It has a tone of tough love to it. Perhaps it will just validate what you already know to be real. 

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk with Lance B. White, famed & gifted psychic healer, author, and exceptionally adept practitioner of question triggered channeling, and radio show host of A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic.  We will be talking about March Madness, men at play, male creativity, and other fun things!

We love hearing from you, email us and join us on Facebook and Twitter and give us your suggestions of things to talk about, and we’ll give you 15 minutes of fame by mentioning your name on the air!

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk with Tommy from Texas about Power and Consciousness. We notice what a difference heart centered awareness makes in daily life. Tommy gives great insight about working tuned into the earth and nature, outside of old paradigms of externalized power. In Consciousness with experience a deep, energetic expansion that is powerful, yet language doesn't encompass the real power of heart space.

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Breakthroughs and Consciousness!  We are in a big time of transformation, astrologically and seasonally. Life is a series of breakdowns and breakthroughs.  As Consciousness comes more into form we experience more expansion!  When we experience it all from Heart Space, change becomes effortless.