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Article by Janet Barrett February 9, 2016

Peace as the Norm - from Janet's blog 'LIfe and the Beyond'

What if peace and compassion was the norm in how we view ourselves and the world around?

Hello All,

What if you felt peace inside you as the norm? What if you felt compassion as your norm? What if the world was in peace and chaos was a way to incorporate change as the norm? There is a lot of stuff in the world that would say that war and mayhem and discord are everywhere and we are all “going to hell in a hand basket". Whether it is money, war, abuse, religion, politics, spirituality, science, or medicine, all have organized energy in them that can challenge peace and compassion in our centers. 

All are certainly part of the spectrum of what we call the Game of Life here on planet earth. What do I choose to focus on then? What makes me feel good, as Consciousness, to embrace? Consciousness allows for all and in that we get close to what we call love, if you want to ascribe human feeling to this. In the infinite sea of potential that Consciousness is, Consciousness doesn’t care what we do or go through to have our experiences. It does not judge. As humans, the interface of how Consciousness interacts with itself, we do. We judge all the time. We have emotions that propel us along certain paths. They are the fuel. Consciousness sets a course through discernments before we embody and then we make these our filters and perceptual bias in how we interact with self and others and our worlds. We are the bits and pieces of medium in that sea. 

So back to what we as human know to be true, (really and how attached are you?) the war and mayhem and abuse we do to each other. And have for thousands of years. Check to see what reality mindset you are coming from. History reminds us of the patterns we are holding, individually and collectively in our bits and pieces. It is an important way to gain insight into what is happening presently as most of us all live in the past that we create our future from. We can predict the future based on the past if the present doesn’t change anything. You can only change in the present. We all know you can’t change the past. Really? You can certainly change the past from happening again. One reason we are so taken with the idea of time traveling is often it contains the energy of change. You want to change now or don’t want to change now. We want to change what happened so our now would be different. Time warping and unraveling holds a strong fascination for most. We question if we make a difference in being. Since we each hold a particular viewpoint as Consciousness that ripples out and interacts with other ripples, yes we do. We co-create all the time, validating our established and usually unknown discerrments and biases. 

If we get out of the limiting reality mindset that nothing ever changes except for getting worse and get out of judging what seems to be happening in the world good or bad, or destructive or or or, change is possible. We are in the infinite sea of potential again, not in the bits and pieces of matter. Matter means something with form/body/energy and also something important. Take away the form/body/energy and the importance and you have potential in motion again.  

If we observe ourselves in action as Consciousness, without attachment what do we notice? What are we free to align ourselves with? I see and feel a lot of discord on some levels yes. I also feel love. I feel strength, I feel compassion, I see them as real and demonstrated many places. I see and feel them in myself, for myself. If each of us took the time to look honestly at ourselves and were open to what that means and what is important, agendas hidden and known, and got clear on what is important in new ways would you feel and see differently? Would your world start to reflect that more than not?  

There has never been a better time to be open to feeling yourself being from within. If you want real change in the world out there we each must allow for it from within each of us. Use your emotions and thoughts in helpful ways. Pledge to judge yourself and others less, no matter the circumstances, to only enrich the human experience, to empower Consciousness to know delight in itself. Bring into alignment with life in the moment. It is not the length of life. It is the quality of life. It is wonderful when it is both. It is okay when it is not. Remember Consciousness does not care or judge. It allows for all. The particulars are up to each of us. 

Love,  janet