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Want to Stop Depression, Frustration and Stress?

Studies show that when you focus on how you can help someone else, it helps you as well.  The Benefits of Kindness & Compassion are Far-Reaching.

Join Dr. Art Emrich and Dr. Christina Winsey on the New Reality Solutions live talk show this Friday, April 8th at 9pm EST / 6pm PST

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Compassion, How to do compassion, the sound of compassion, making the sound of compassion

Relationship Help Show with Dr Rhoberta Shaler

​This episode we are talking in-depth about the dynamics you create by your mindset and emotional climate in your relationship with yourself, and with others. Good to listen to get more clarity right now.

My guest, Laura Rubinstein and I discuss the joys and pitfalls of compassion. Yes, there are pitfalls! Don't miss this.

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Compassion and His Holiness the Dali Llama - Part two of a Four part series from India!

Det David and Dr Lana Love speaks with special guest Ed Rubenstein Licensed Psychologist and Director of Education for the Heart Based Institute about Heart Based Therapeutics.

The Allow Love Show

Quan Yin joins us. She's "all about compassion"

I want you to think about opening your 8th chakra, which will open you up to your truth.  Truth is something that can withstand the test of experience.

A man should look for what is,

Not for what he thinks it should be.

Paradigm Shifters presents a special interview with Aaravinda.  Learn about living in compassion, learn that you are enlightenable NOW, that our goals are Beauty, Love, Compassion, Peace, Truth, Faith.  Aaravinda ignites us with his endless focus on discovering our own divinity.  He has complete "sight" able to understand the relationships between each of us and the universe, or how the universe comprehends unity with the

Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk about Agape Love and Consciousness. Agape love is goodwill, benevolence, and compassion. It is the encompassing Love of Consciousness and your highest expression of love. When you are in alignment with yourself as Consciousness you feel enveloped by this Love and feel it radiating from you towards others as well. Join us in Heart Space as we explore this quality of love!

Hello All,

What if you felt peace inside you as the norm? What if you felt compassion as your norm? What if the world was in peace and chaos was a way to incorporate change as the norm? There is a lot of stuff in the world that would say that war and mayhem and discord are everywhere and we are all “going to hell in a hand basket". Whether it is money, war, abuse, religion, politics, spirituality, science, or medicine, all have organized energy in them that can challenge peace and compassion in our centers.