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Judging in Life Defines that Life

Judgment shapes your life and what it will be about. Heart held awareness allows for new life experiences.

Lots of things happened last week. I bet in your life also. Moments of awareness of the need for self care and quiet. Moments of intense emotional reactions and response. Moments of awareness of power, shifting power and how we each influence in our lives. Making choices for others and ourselves is not always easy.
The more you occupy being present, life can take a different spin. It is not the same thing over and over. Because using consciousness technologies means being present in new ways. It is not just enough to be able to observe how you are in your life coming up against the boundaries and judgments that entails. It means being open to the potential that is available for shift in the patterns that your life represents.
We are each living embodiments of holographic projections of consciousness. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics  would say that all the time in seminars. It took me awhile to get what he meant. I had fun in some altered states of reality where I felt and thought what he was talking about. It wasn’t just words. When you get down to the nitty gritty of the particles that make up life there is not a whole lot there that is solid in the quantum realm. Consciousness would seem to be just some photons of light that move around in patterns, waves of flow. Though, to our limited senses we seem pretty solid.
What seems to keep us together in one sense are our judgments. Take the judgments away and stuff starts to happen. It is a skill. We did this the other night on our free conscious conference call and it was really remarkable. Sitting with others in the field of unified consciousness one mentioned how her judgments were getting in the way. I suggested we allow for the judgment to separate out of the issue and you could feel it come out. And right now I can’t track what it was all about. We did it with other issues that people were silently contemplating. You could feel the shift into the deepening of sacred space.
Sacred space is full of judgments that have no meaning, no attachment, no connection. And you will find that they are no longer judgments then. Just thoughts that can fall apart. Patterns are changing all the time but we fail to see or notice or register the difference because we are locked into the judgment part of the pattern. That is what holds it to be. Some thing. How many of us hold on to our judgments even in the face of conflicting evidence? How many of us are really attached to maintaining the old as it is safer in some way?
Being willing to let go of our old judgments for new discernments is healthy mental health in action. And we may find we have ease in some areas and not in others. We each have a framework for what our lives are about. Some of us employ the “Once I make up my mind nothing will change it because then I don’t have to rethink this” way of living. It can make it challenging for the rest of us who bump up against this. Mental and emotional health are as precious as physical health. As we let go of the judgments of what life is for each of us even the framework is subject to change. Which is a good thing. Some thing worth hanging on to. Perhaps the only thing worth hanging on to.
Take a moment to use your skill sets and access the field of heart. Allow yourself to play. Let an issue come up for you. If you were to release the judgment what could happen? If you were to explore what information becomes available to you what would that be like? If the whole issue was to just disappear as water on a hot surface what would that be like? If something totally unexpected was to become aware to you would you let it? Would you allow yourself to feel good about what the contained information had to offer and would you be okay to feel okay about it? What would that be like?