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Wake Up Calls

Wake Up Calls

Hello All,
I am enclosing a 2 minute video this week to enjoy. It has a tone of tough love to it. Perhaps it will just validate what you already know to be real. 
It can serve as a wake up call or as reminder if you need it to be. The challenge for most of us is that we need diagnosis, or accident or loss of some sort to wake us up. Many go around asleep when they are awake. It is a state where we don’t question or display curiosity or factor in consequences past immediate needs. Many of us live this way. We just participate and following blindly and find ourselves in an experience that we might remember upon waking, or not. In actual sleep, you fall victim to the forces at play within you. It is a place where our emotions run free.  
How do you have your metaphorical wake up call alarm set? Gentle bong that repeats every five minutes or do you require the full blast of Wake Up Now! Perhaps you are like me with an inner wakeup call that you set before sleeping and you wake up on time. If you need a wakeup call, you are not conscious to what is going on around you. You are in a different reality. We need the reminder to shift focus and pay attention. It can be all too easy to miss what is happening right in front of us in terms of the big picture.  
The earth is a place of consciousness, as are we. It is finite in raw materials that keep evolving. It is consciousness in form; a biosphere where magic and wonder have been happening for a very long time. Much much longer than man has walked its’ surface. If you are reading this, as consciousness you have formed in this present embodiment as a sentient being. Both earth and us and every life form and rock in this environment are precious as consciousness. All have equal value in consciousness. Easy come, easy go. All have the power to blink into existence and blink out. We might like to think that our child is more special than the ground we walk on, but not really. That is our attachment that is talking. What if we knew that our ground was as precious as our child? Would you live differently? Would you recognize who you were if you lived in such a manner?
Indigenous people have very different value systems. People who may look poor to us may just have a different value system. For them: You replace what you use. You give thanks for what is provided. You recognize the give and take in the parameters of nature. We are all part of the whole. Around the world we have leaders, governments, groups of people who judge others as less and act accordingly. We all suffer for it. Some cultures value life and all that includes. And for some cultures we can value life to some degree, but not all of its forms or components. We make big business out of the components, like oils and trees and water, forgetting to be grateful for what is here and replenishing what is used. Our memories are very short in comparison to earth’s memory as nature and its’ ability to continue on evolving, mutating, destroying, eliminating, transcending as part and whole as consciousness.
Humans would seem to serve as accelerants at times. We are creatures taken with form to express our creativity and desire to survive. Nature has been doing that much longer than us.We need earth but I don’t think earth needs us. If we destroy and blow up the earth perhaps it will reform. Perhaps not. It is all a grand experiment in consciousness. 
 © Copyright 2015 Janet Barrett