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Lily and You

Lily and You

Hello All,

This is Lily. Lily is 4 months old now. Each of us has a Lily in us.  Inside of each of us is a pretty baby, no matter what we looked like or what we were told..

We are witnessing the  moment before choice is being made from a place of innocence. You can see it here. An imprint of experience has happened and she is going to respond. On her next breath her response can be of either to smile in joy or cry in alarm. Or to squiggle and notice something else. Her choice will come as a result of consciousness deciding how it will express itself in this current embodiment as her, of the personality of her genetic material and the setting of her perceptual biases and sensory mechanisms.

She will respond quickly without regard to limits. Present is only a willingness to experience life. She is taking in information that her surrounding environment is providing that will develop her senses of who she is in the world.

Right now she is loved. She is healthy. She is clean. Those are her advantages in how she is starting out in life. They are still present. Some of us don’t start this life with these advantages. And all of it can change in the blink of an eye. How her developing needs are being met is important and dependent on those around her until she is old enough to self direct and make her own choices.  At any point patterns will start or continue to play setting up experiences of one kind or another enriching what life is all about. There are no rights, no wrongs only discernment that sets up distinctions and lead to judgments and choices. 

What level of awareness is she holding and taking in about life around her? How will they define her? How is she tracking physical movement, mental reasoning, emotional capabilities, psychological, psychic and spiritual influences? Ever watch a baby and their delight in the unseen world? Reacting to things you can not see. Developing visual perceptions and acuity take hold and what they hear around them relays information. How does she respond to the mother and father influences? You are Lily. How much of who Lily will be is being projected onto her by someone bigger? If we hold victim energy in our fields as adults how much of that is coming from our Lily’s developing sense of perspective? her future choices will come from what she is experiencing from those around her who are not paying attention to her or in their own biases.

We all respond to babies in some way. From a neutral position we can notice that response. It will reflect our own sense of self as innocent and how precious it is. We never lose our innocence. We only gain experience that values it or degrades it. But what we are all witnessing here is life still held as wonder. It is in each of us. We now get to choose how we value or degrade it. How we relate to it. Some of us will feel her and then the pain of being an adult. Some of us will only see the light and feel separate from it. Some of us will do all we can to treasure and protect her. Some of us will see how precious the wonder is and infuse our wisdom to it. Wisdom is our educated innocence, free of the biases that created it.  
So take a moment or two. Drop into heart space or look at Lily and drop into heart space. Feel what you feel. Feel you as Lily. She holds the secret of the universes in her eyes and being. What is your choice? How do we help her to know grace? How do we teach her about the possibilities in her world and the world?
Maybe we just hold her and let her feel our beating heart. Let her know that she is never alone or unwanted. Let her know that every moment is all we have and is to be appreciated.

What would your inner Lily want you to know? 




And thank you to Lily's grandmother for sending me her photograph.

Copyright 2015 Janet Barrett