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Submitted by Douglas Newsom on 19 May 2021

silverjoyner Radio Show with Dr Silver Joyner

Show Host:

Silverjoyner Radio Show with Dr Silver Joyner

Every other Saturday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

- Get Your Mind Right! Career/Life Reviews
- Relationship Talk
- silverjoyner book club
- Movie Review
- Silverjoyner 2% News

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Dr Silver Joyner (Darlene Joyner)
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Author, Painter, Motivator and Talk Show Host

I'm Author silverjoyner who wrote the Relationship Book "My Man". I am a creative person that makes custom and show canvas paintings. With this change of my life, I want to help motivate others who have dreams, but require a little motivation to get there. To do the jump!

"My Man” Is a Captivating Novelette of Four Friends and Their Love for Each Other through Times of Happiness and Despair

“My Man”: a wholesome narrative of Silver, Karen, Kathy, and Toni that exudes with lessons on compassion and thoughtfulness for others. “My Man” is the creation of published author, Silver Joyner, a dedicated writer and author.

Joyner shares, “This is a story of love, loss, trust, and betrayal. Strong friendships that will make you think if your friends true. Are they real? These four women love each other and will do anything to protect each other. Silver, Karen, Kathy, and Toni are the best of friends to the end. They give each other advice and no one better stand in their way. With love, there is war at times, and things can become deadly. This book might bring out hidden fantasies. Lay back and enjoy the ride.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Silver Joyner’s new book is a uniquely expressive read that contains life lessons on genuine kinship, love, and romance.

This book will inspire readers to delve into their hidden fantasies while learning the unequivocal power of true friendship despite the trying moments in life.

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