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Reiki Master, psychic surgeon, spiritual healer
Althea Lucrezia: Light Language Channeler, Galactic Contact, Akashic & Psychic Healer, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Guru, Tarot Maestro, and Astrological Diviner.

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland

Space Events, UFOS Latest Breaking News

The True History with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Concert Pitch, Cymatics and Frequencies, 440 vs 432, Tuning to Higher or Lower Frequencies and Pitches

Let's Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce

The October Energies – Eclipse Season


These messages are to help you slow things down and reflect on what is truly important. It's not what's outside or around you that counts - It's what you carry within you that brings love, peace, and harmony.


Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free and Friends

Sundays with the Elohim

The True History with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Guest, Daniel Scranton, channels high frequency beings from other dimensions. He also teaches channeling & other classes. Channeling and Sound Healing. Manifesting Your Requests.