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Personal Planetary Healing Meditation with Wynn Free and Friends

Sundays with the Elohim

Adama Speaks with Adama Alaji

Let's Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce

The New Healing and Capricorn New Moon

These messages are to help you slow things down and reflect on what is truly important. It's not what's outside or around you that counts - It's what you carry within you that brings love, peace, and harmony.



Angel Talk with Jim Young and Sandy Young

Title: Ancient Wisdom Returned and Restored

Description: Life is a series of cycles. We are now entering one of our final and most important cycles. Applying the knowledge we gained to received wisdom will help guide us on this journey.

A Night At The Roundtable with Omena McGee, Caroline Oceana Ryan, Randy Miller, Rama Arjuna, Tara & Micah Green, and Penny Christoffersen

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Pleiadeans, Health, Our Belief and its Frequencies and how it Affects our Awareness and Reality

Title: S2 E5 The Protective Illusion of the Black Superwoman Complex Part 

The strong black woman, also called the black superwoman complex, is a strong, resilient, African-American woman, who strives for excellence in all areas of her life, driven in part by an effort to be seen as equal in a society that sees little value in her and believes she's undeserving of access to meaningful resources and success. The sacrifice for her super achievements is the denial of her own pain and needs.


CEO Women and Wisdom Media, Author, Executive Coach, Radio Show Host