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The Galactic Roundtable with Beth Trutwin on BBS Radio!

Next on Universal Soul Love with David and Lana Love with special guest Rich Hungerford from Bush Lore Australia

We'll be sharing our thoughts about universal love, twin flames, soul mates, soul families, raising children, and family issues.

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Episode featured the idea of navigating through the mine fields of life in North America on Planet Earth in 2014. It includes the amazing idea of placing our water in Pyramids for healing and anti-aging purposes.

Guests were James Kapicka and Inelia Benz.  This is an inspirational show centered around the Transcendence Festival being held in Sacramento on October 3rd through 6th, 2014.   A portion of the Pillars of Intention give a good taste of what you'll discover:

Art, Music, & Creative Expression