Living Your Souls Journey, July 26, 2015

Dr. Vikke with astrologer Genevieve
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Living Your Souls Journey
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with Dr. Vikke

Living Your Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke special guest Astrologer Genevieve Vierling

Headlined, Living Your Souls Journey, July 12, 2015

Living YOUR Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke each Sunday Night on BBS Radio
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July 12, 2015

This Sunday will be discussing Faith and Patience which results in Freedom in your life. Will be taking live calls for discussions, insights and if you have a question about your life, then ask Dr. Vikke for clarity or resolution.

Look forward to talking with you!!!

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Living Your Souls Journey

Living Your Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke
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Dr Vikke (Rev. Dr. Victoria Ford, PHD, JD)

Welcome to Living Your Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke. We discuss issues to help you walk your soul's journey with love, abundance and freedom creating your own authentic pilgrimage. Sharing the path with your Angels and Spiritual Guides gives you the comfort and security of always knowing you are not alone.

Dr. Vikke shares wisdom and insight to make your journey more abundantly happy and real.

Call in or just listen during our inspirational discussions involving guests from around the world. As a Georgia attorney and PHD in Transpersonal Psychology, Dr. Vikke shares a unique insight into both the spiritual and physical laws, guiding you on your unique and individual path.

We love your participation!