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Living Your Souls Journey, 26/07/2015

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Living Your Souls Journey
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with Dr. Vikke

Living Your Soul's Journey with Dr. Vikke special guest Astrologer Genevieve Vierling

Headlined Show, Living Your Souls Journey July 12, 2015

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This Sunday will be discussing Faith and Patience which results in Freedom in your life. Will be taking live calls for discussions, insights and if you have a question about your life, then ask Dr. Vikke for clarity or resolution.

Look forward to talking with you!!!

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Living Your Souls Journey

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Welcome to Living Your Souls Journey with Vikke Ford

Soul Seekers if you are looking to rebuild your life after a divorce, oppressive relationship/group or simply having a soul wake up call, this is your show. Dr. Vikke inspires you to recreate your life in abundance. Real life guidance to help you answer your Souls Calling. Asking the right questions can be so helpful. Vikke shares her intuition, coaching skills and experience to create the perfect career and life experiences just for you! Call in for immediate insights to help you on YOUR Souls Journey. Dr. Vikke has been a part of BBS for nearly 7 years and is so happy to be back. Feel free to listen or call in at 4 Pacific time; 7 EST; Station 1, to hear real life guidance from a former divorce attorney, PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Ordained Spiritual Minister. Vikke's mission is to inspire you in Living YOUR Souls Journey. (Don't be surprised if she slips in a psychic Angel message in there as well.)