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Guest Name
Jeanine Just
Jeanine Just
Guest Occupation
Success Strategist and Founder/CEO of Visionaries University
Guest Biography

Jeanine Just

Visionary Success Strategist and

Founder/CEO of Visionaries University

Jeanine Just has been pioneering success strategies from the ‘inside-out’ since 1984. Her work has been lauded by a large variety of visionary leaders, managers, innovators, community builders, corporate refugees and the new category of paradigm shifters, cultural creatives, edge-walkers, authentic entrepreneurs, conscious capitalists and ‘soulutionaries’.

As an advocate for conscientious self-growth principles that turn dreams into reality, Jeanine has become well known globally through the Internet and locally with her seminars in California. Or as the Los Angeles Times said about Jeanine, "She's a trailblazer ... a catalyst for change." 

On this episode of Cosmic LOVE, we’ll be discussing Jeanine’s views on the big shift in The Field of Earth’s energies, the frequency shift that is accelerating conscious evolution with inevitable ‘side-effects’ for those who are stuck in negativity. See Jeanine’s recent article, 40 Energy Shift Symptoms, Clues & Warning Signs, to be aware and prepare.

It helps to understand why people are feeling so tired, confused, depressed and sick at heart about their lives and the world at large. More important is what you can do about it, the attitude that trumps aptitude for a higher ‘altitude’ that sees the larger terrain of opportunity amidst problems.

The more that we are part of the solution to the problems of others, the more we ultimately succeed personally and collectively.

So welcome a good check up from the neck up

with Jeanine Just on Cosmic LOVE.

Christopher Rudy, Host of Cosmic LOVE

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