Dr Sam Berne

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Dr Sam Berne
Dr. Sam Berne
Expert in Behavioral Optometry and Holistic Health, The Esalen Institute Faculty Member, Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Author and Speaker

Dr. Sam’s significant teachings are: you don’t have to live out your doctor’s diagnosis. And your body has the ability to heal!

Dr. Sam has been a leading expert in the areas of behavioral optometry and holistic health for over 30 years. He healed his own nearsightedness in his late 20’s and is a catalyst for his patients to improve their vision and wellness.

He is a faculty member at The Esalen Institute and teaches workshops all over the world using his innovative eye therapy for transformational healing. He has written 4 best selling books and facilitates people to become their true selves.

Read more about Dr. Berne: http://drsamberne.com/about/