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It's all about Frequency! If your life is not working it is your frequency. This show is all about changing your frequency to change your life for the better! Ted will explain Solfeggio Frequencies and why it is important to integrate it daily through listening & vocal toning. Ted developed SoundSyncTech™, a brainwave technology incorporating binaural beats, compositions, tunings, state-of-the-art recording technologies, & frequencies.

Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow interviews Carmel Glenane B.A.Dip.Ed., author of The Alchemies of Isis, Embodiment through the High Priestess, published by Big Country Publishing and distributed worldwide, available in paperback and eBook.

ISBN: 978-1-938487-21-7

Timothy J Glenn picks up in Part Two, in our investigation into the Cosmic Matrix and A.I.  Lots of fun, wisdom and practical advice on navigating these times...even upon death!

Timothy Glenn returns to reveal the "bigger picture, for context and relativity.  This show is dedicated to the Origins of the Cosmic Matrix.  We bring forth the many elements which comprise the control system, predominantly A.I.  To run a multi-dimensional universe with various densities, parallel worlds and multiple life forms, requires the most advanced AI.  Tim offers solutions on acquiring clear vision to see through the simultaneous distortions, overlaid on the context of the natural universe, or organic life which is very Real.

David Manning shared his journey from the shadows, through abuse, addictions, HIV and cancer, to ultimately heal himself.  Having awakened his abilities, he uses shamanic sound healing to intuitively upgrade and re-calibrate the energy field.  We spoke about his experience of Wave X, and the new Atlantean energies which are empowering many to remember and awaken new abilities as well as some long forgotten.  

He will be doing a phone teleconference on connecting with the frequencies of Atlantis, on October 24th, 2015 via Lucia Rene's website

Recalibrating and upgrading the energy field, Shamanic Sound/Light Healing