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Guest Name
Kara Johnstad
Guest Occupation
Singer, Songwriter, visionary
Guest Biography

Kara Johnstad, is a 'Voice Visionary' – a singer-songwriter and "Mentor To Voices Changing Our World".

Kara grew up as a songwriter in Berlin Germany. As a highly sensitive and creative individual, her extraordinary gifts shaped her life as an artist and mentor for thousands of voices.

In this interview on Cosmic LOVE, Kara and I will discuss the voice in all its power, wisdom and love – the carrier of frequencies and encoded thoughtforms behind the science of epigenetics which has proven that our DNA is reprogrammable by frequencies and words.

At the beginning of the show, when you hear Kara’s voice in her song ‘Message of Hope’, you’ll know that Kara has exceptional ‘heart coherence’ – a connection with Source that conveys co-Creation through sound.

The “voice vortex” (torus energies) of the throat is used not only to access higher frequencies but also embody the universal light language of Cosmic LOVE.

The throat chakra of truth and communication holds many secrets. It is the portal – a gateway to many dimensions beyond 3D. Is it the heart that we seek, or to find our heart’s voice in our vocation or soul calling or both?

Join Kara on April 21st at the Awaken Magic Summit and discover how to align your self to your true calling by tuning your voice, raising your frequency and tapping into a magical field of creative abundance success.

Welcome Kara Johnstad to Cosmic LOVE with your Presence!