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Today we are going to change it up by having a panel of men discussing male sexuality and some of the pitfalls that many men these days are falling into as a result of changing times.


Barbara Hand Clow returns to talk about her latest trilogy:  the "Revelations" series.  We begin tonight with Revelations of the Ruby Crystal.  Barbara returns April 21st to talk about the release of the 2nd of the trilogy:  Revelations of the Aquarian Age.

Marriage & Communications Consultant
HIV/AIDS Speaker & Advocate, Host of "Put it Together" Podcast, HIV/AIDS Speaker & Advocate and more
UCLA trained registered nurse, Certified Professional Sex Coach, Core Energy Coach and Doctor of Human Sexuality

Living a Shame Free Life with Guest, Veronica Monet 

Midori and Veronica talk about how to create a stronger connection with your partner by breaking through anger and frustration.  They also discuss how to approach the desire to test out an 'alternative' sexual experience or lifestyle.  Veronica enlightens us about what the unexpected can be and what to do if things go too far.   This show is packed with insight into the kink world. They further discuss how a compassionate approach to communication is so important to develop the highest connection in a relationship.

On The Level with JLouis Mills with guest Dr Earl Carter

Dr. Earl William Carter, Sr. was born March 30, 1950 to George and Dorothy Carter, in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. He was the third child of five boys and one girl. Being a victim of a broken home, Dr. Carter and his brothers were thrust into a life of crime at an early age, which resulted in multiple arrests.

Inspirational Entrepreneur, RV'er, Transgender Human & More

Former Dominatrix, Dana Pharant, discusses sexual deviance, how being a dominatrix helped her become massively successful in business and helped her heal from a childhood of abuse. 

We learn how to use dominatrix concepts to...
• Gain your authentic power
• Create greater success
• 'Pop' the problem limiting you

This will be one of the most intriguing, enlightening, and tantalizing shows you've listened to!  Dana is incredibly transparent and forthcoming.