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Stella Marin
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Stella Marin is a mother, writer, photographer, Reiki master, and a creator of all natural aromatherapy products, from Malvern, PA. Whatever job or project she takes on, her goal is always to inspire, help, and uplift others. She’s also known for telling a good story, especially when it involves the opposite sex.

Stella has had many relationships throughout her life that have brought her a variety of experiences. Starting with an abusive relationship in high school, to ending her engagement to her daughter’s father when she was only twenty, to experimenting with polyamory, to carrying on an online relationship for nine months with a stranger overseas, that ended two days after they met, and which became the basis for her first self-published book, and finally ending in her current healthy and fulfilling partnership. From all of these past lessons, she has learned a lot about who she is, the importance of self-love, and how to reclaim her power as a woman, while still respecting and appreciating her partner. Most importantly, she has learned how to communicate effectively from a place of love, and she wants to share with others how to break the social norms and stereotypes about how men and women communicate.