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Guest Name
Tayanah Scott
Tayanah Scott
Guest Occupation
Youth advocate, former dancer and model
Guest Biography

Tayanah is a youth advocate with stories beyond her years. She is a Philly native and is thankful to the city for the people she met and the lessons she learned. Being from a big city, Tayanah has met all kinds of people and she realized how much enjoyment she got out of that. Her love for talking to different people and her outgoing personality pushes her to share her experiences and debate about various topics. 

Tayanah loves to help and watch others develop their individuality while still being relatable. That’s why she gives, what she calls, a different kind of advice. She feels that people experience the same things, just in different scenarios. Instead of telling someone what they should do, Tayanah would rather share her story and let the listener take it from there. Tayanah is passionate about music, arts, and helping others. A former dancer and model, Tayanah now spends her time either with friends, writing or building the foundation for her life career goal: a record label CEO.



Instagram: @thebaddateshow