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Wellness as a foundation for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Heath is the focus of today's show, but what does it mean?, March 12, 2014

What does wellness mean in this context? We often focus on the ailment we are physically dealing with or we spend time stuck in a state of mind that feels anything, but comfortable. In the next hour, we will explore your personal power for wellness and power to be well.

The Spring of Life Show, March 10, 2014

The Spring of Life Show with Jasmine Iwaszkiewicz and Benjamin Schmidt - Show #8 on BBS Radio!

Lets Find Out, March 10, 2014

Let's Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce, and Special Guest, Luisa Rasiej

Luisa is dedicated to supporting women to step into their power confidently, break through fears and limitations and find the courage to say “yes” to their feminine strength, passion, leaderships and grace each and every day. This is a joyful life she calls “La Dolce Vita!”

Guest Name, Rev Cassandra Lea Martin

Rev. Cassandra Martin, author of The "Multiple You" Universe
Rev Cassandra Lea Martin
Reverend, independent New Thought

Rev. Cassandra Lea Martin is an independent New Thought Minister, ordained in 2010, whose specialty is an online church for those who do not have a church family, for whatever reason, and are interested in metaphysics and the personal journey of Spirituality to find and know their own connection to God, and all things sacred. Rev. Cassandra discovered that she was a born Mystic during the middle of a crisis in her life. She had always had "spooky events" happening to her, but had not considered them unusual as others in her family had certain gifts, although not in her immediate family. Martin began to write in grade school and never stopped. This is how she coped with being one of the children of a Navy Officer whose job took her family overseas and all over the USA. Encouraged by teachers and, eventually an agent for teleplays and feature films while she lived in Los Angeles, Martin decided that she had lived enough life in the fast lane and wanted to develop her mystic talents. She moved to San Diego in 1984, and began to engage the energy that had waited for her to discover her God-Nature.

In 1998, Cassandra met her future husband and they married the next year. John and Cassandra traveled for fifteen months for his work, and they bought a home in the center of the country, in Cherokee Co., Oklahoma. Though the next fourteen years she continued to develop her skillset, offered workshops to empower women in metaphysics, mentored individuals, worked on social justice projects through her church, participated in public events after the 9-11 event, such as Diversity in CommUNITY Conference, for 3 years, and also organized public issues forums as moderator. During the 2004 elections, Martin organized an organization, "The New Political Gender", to help educate rural women on the issues for the General Election and to get them registered to vote because rural voter numbers were very low.
Rev. Martin continues to be involved in efforts to promote women's involvement in the political arena.

In 2014, however, she has just finished her first nonfiction book, and is now taking time off from her busy schedule of radio talk host, on-line minister, and doggie mom to her two beloved Japanese Chin's, Su-Mi and Wu-Ki. John and Cassandra adopted the two sisters from P.A.L. rescue because no one wanted to take two dogs.

Although John and Cassandra are now legally separated, they wish the best of love for each other, and continue to support each other's dreams for the future.

Sun of God University - show 23, March 9, 2014

Sun of God University with The Hosts - show #23 on BBS Radio

Reiki Energy Healing, March 9, 2014

Join Francine and her guest Rickie Freedman of Reiki by Rickie who will enlighten us about Reiki energy healing. Find out what this powerful energy can do for your life on a mind, body and spiritual level!

Mimulus - Shielding and Protection, March 9, 2014

Healng The Heart with Dr. Eric Love on BBS Radio - Show #10

Known Fears: Shyness (fear of people), fear of being alone, accidents, losing friend, growing old, disease, opposite sex. Worry (money, future, losing income), nervousness, procrastination, suicidal, anxiety, Lack of confidence, timid.

From Shelter Dog to Service Dog, March 4, 2014

From Shelter Dog to Service Dog with Janice Wolfe on BBS Radio!


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