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ET-First Contact Radio, June 18, 2015

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst

Interview with Dianne Collins

Guest, Ethan Zohn

Guest Occupation: 
Former professional soccer player, cancer survivor, winner of the hit reality television show Survivor Africa and co-founder of Grassroot Soccer, Author, Coach, Embassador, Actor, Motivational Speaker, Multi Award Winner

Guest, Allyson Phelan-Eagan

Guest Occupation: 
Dancer, Model, Miss Canada Runner Up, National CFL Cheerleader, Sports Dancer, Actress, Writer, Talk Show Host, TV Personality, Cancer Survivor

Guest, Kim Castle

Guest Occupation: 
Comedian, TV host, Writer, Award winning art director, Cook

Guest, Dr Roxanne Moschetti

Guest Occupation: 
Assistant Professor, Psychologist

Guest, Meir Schneider

Guest Occupation: 
Ph.D., L.M.T.


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