Guest, James Goi Jr

Guest Name: 
James Goi Jr
James Goi Jr
Guest Occupation: 
Attract Money Guru and Author
Guest Biography: 

James Goi Jr., aka The Attract Money Guru™, is the bestselling author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power—a book that set a new standard for concise, no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point self-help books. He condenses and simplifies abstract metaphysical concepts and powerful success principles, making this life-changing information accessible to everyone. James has thus far written ten books. You can see James in the groundbreaking docudrama, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy

(Feel free to use or not use that last sentence as you see fit.)

Regarding questions/talking points: 

A great reference for talking points is to just refer to the table of contents of my book for subject ideas to talk about. Here are the titles of those 20 chapters for your easy reference: Desire; Belief; Expectancy; Money Mindset; Money Goals; Think End Results; Think and Feel As If; Speak As If; Act As If; Affirmations; Visualization; Environment; Organization; Laws of Money; Intuition; Plans; Right Livelihood; Self-Image; Personal Energy; Radiate Financial Increase.

And here are 7 possible questions 

1. Attracting money with mind power--that's quite a concept. What would you say to people who are wondering if that is really even possible?

2. Is this basically another form of "positive thinking?"

3. Belief seems to play a big part in what you teach. What is the importance of belief in the process of attracting money?

4. And can you explain what exactly you mean by the term "money mindset" as you use it in your book?

5. In chapter eight you write about the "speak as if" technique. What exactly does that mean, and how does the way we speak affect the way we attract money?

6. I think the "act as if" technique is one that students of metaphysics should be familiar with. How does that apply to the task of attracting money with mind power?

7. The use of affirmations seems to be popular these days. How does one use affirmations to create better financial circumstances?