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Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger and guest Lisa Haisha

For the Love of Dog with Janice Wolfe

Let's Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce

Guest, Frank St. James

What can we expect?- Expect disruption and some serious changes.

Talk about some startling earth changes ahead.

continue with Frank about letting go and creating a new life and new love.

Frank’s accuracy 

Talk about the – changes ahead – the different and lighter Aquarian energy – Jupiter moves back into Aquarius. time to release and let go – and move forward as we move into the Pisces energy in 2022 and begin new projects and creativity.

Saving with Steve with Steve Sexton

Guest, Polina Ryshakow

The Sports Doctor with Dr Robert Weil

Guests, Dr Scott Schroeder and Dr Karen Baker

The Wynn Free Conference Call LIVE with Wynn Free

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela Lynnette Henderson

Guest, Stevie Bowen, Dating stories, self-love advance, fashion direction

Podiatric Physician & Surgeon, Speaker and expert on systemic effects & concerns with metal implants after surgery
Clinical Psychologist & Founder of Delta Foundation for Spiritual Studies.